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Now with added flow and concentration options. ACD is proud to introduce GENie O3 our newest gas instrument for ozone calibration gas. The most accurate source of Ozone calibration gas on the market, the GENie O3 instrument makes calibration of ozone sensors fast and simple. The compact design and easy to read display make the GENie O3 the perfect calibration standard for the job. The adjustability of the instrument allows for the calibration of many models and brands of ozone detectors utilizing just one GENie O3. Utilizing oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere as its source to create ozone calibration gas makes the GENie O3 an extremely long-lasting and economical calibration source for anyone with ozone detectors

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GENie O3 Calibration Gas Kit

This instrument is a complete calibration gas kit. Includes:

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PN / SKU: 750-0200-02

GENie O3 Complete System

Calibration Gas Sources for GENie O3

Accessories & Replacement Parts for GENie O3