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  • GENie EC Complete System

    SKU: 750-0200-01

    This instrument requires a Gas Source to operate. Visit Customize Your Calibrator to view and choose all available gas sources for this instrument.


    The GENie EC is one of our most compact and user-friendly calibration gas instruments.


    The GENie EC is our most accurate, diverse, compact and user-friendly instrument. Certified calibration gas sources provide the equivalent of up to 100 compressed gas cylinders. Interchangeable gases, adjustable concentrations, demand flow capable and the ability to provide the lowest most accurate concentrations in the industry make the GENie EC the smart choice for calibration professionals.


    Air flow rate (with internal pump 0.2 to 1 LPM
    Sample draw rate (with pump disabl 0.1 to 1.2 LPM
    Source life 10, 50 or 100 hours / source
    Warm-up time (to 90%) Approx. 2 minutes
    L x W x H 5’W x 3.88’H x 3.13’D
    Weight 2 lb. (1360 g)
    Operating temperature 0° C to 50° C
    Relative humidity (intermittent use) 0 - 100%




    Batter power 4 Alkaline ‘AA’
    Battery life 8 hours (at .5 LPM flow rate)