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Hydrogen Calibration Gas (H2)

Hydrogen gas is a very commonly used combustible gas found in many industries such as semiconductor, oil and gas, agriculture, plastics, and pharmaceutical. Being lighter than air, sensors used for its detection are often in the ceilings of buildings that can only be accessed with ladders or man-lifts. These applications are perfect for a battery-operated, hand-held calibrator manufactured by ACD. Hydrogen is often used as a carrier gas for other toxic gases and is often the gas that is targeted for detection in the PPM level, even though it is not combustible in that low range. ACD calibrators are the best method for calibration of PPM level hydrogen sensors.

ACD calibration gas instruments are the best method to calibrate your fixed or portable H2 gas detectors.


Buy hydrogen calibration gas

Note:  Prices are for basic instrument only. Interchangeable calibration and bump test sources are sold separately.

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