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GENie EC Module

GENie EC Module

SKU: 750-0202-01

This instrument requires a Gas Source to operate. 


ACD is proud to introduce the GENie EC, our newest electrochemical gas instrument. Originally released for high PPM hydrogen calibration gas (50-500 PPM), the GENie EC module now supports all of ACD's electrochemical family of gases, allowing for greatly expanded capability of the GENie calibration gas system. Gas sources can be interchanged in the field to provide an array of calibration gases. Interchangeable calibration gases, combined with on-the-fly adjustable flow and concentration capabilities, make the GENie calibration system from ACD the most flexible and dynamic calibration system for all your gas monitor calibration needs. Also, the GENie EC system provides for sample draw calibration utilizing a built-in mass flow sensor to detect and adjust for varying sample draw rates for virtually any brand of gas detection monitor.  The long-lasting gas sources do not degrade on the shelf and provide the user with the equivalent of up to 100 cylinders worth of accurate calibration gas, making the GENie EC the smart choice for calibration of low to high PPM range gas detection equipment. The GENie EC supports a wide range of gases and concentrations listed below.

Source Is Not Included. See GENie EC For Source List.

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