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ACD Ozone O3 calibration gas

GENie O3 Module (Fixed Flow & Output)

SKU: 750-0202-02LT

This version of the GENie O3 will be delivered with a fixed flow rate and concentration that cannot be changed be the user.  The GENie O3 portable calibration gas standard is small and lightweight for calibrating the most difficult to reach Ozone sensors. The GENie O3 will calibrate nearly any Ozone gas sensor or detection system on the market by utilizing its internal mass flow sensor and ultraviolet light source to provide accurate levels  of Ozone gas to the end user. Ozone gas cannot be stored in cylinders and must be generated on site, therefore there are no calibration gas cylinders of ozone available on the market. 


The GENie O3 comes with an NIST certificate of calibration to +/- 10 %, providing exceptional accuracy,
as well as high precision. The unparalleled long life source in the instrument has an expected life of up to five hundred hours of use, allowing for extremely low cost calibrations over the life of the source.



To buy the GENie O3 Complete System with a the FIXED FLOW option, you must specify the flow rate (LPM) and concentration (PPM) when ordering.


1. Choose a fixed flow rate and concentration: 

2. Add item to cart.


If you are ordering multiple quantities of the GENie O3 Module with differing flow rates and concentrations, please add them to the cart seperately.




( 0.1 PPM increments)

Fixed 0.5 LPM 0.2 to 1.6 PPM
Fixed 1.0 LPM 0.2 to 0.8 PPM


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