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Modular, On-demand Calibration Gas Solutions
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Multiple, Interchangeable Calibration Gases - One Instrument

Since 1988, ACD has been engineering and producing the most accurate and reliable calibration gas instruments and sources. ACD’s instruments and generating sources are an accurate, safe and more economical alternative for gas detector calibration than gas cylinders and permeation tubes.

  • Accurate, small, lightweight, durable and dependable.
  • Gas is generated on demand, not stored, no degradation.
  • Adjustable gas concentrations and flow rates.
  • Non-hazardous and safe to ship, store and dispose of.
  • Environmentally friendly and cost effective.
  • No empty cylinders to throw away.

Our calibration gas instruments are BETTER than cylinder gas!

Generate your cal gas on-site and on-demand instead with ACD.


Watch ACD President, Kurt Ballard, discusses our complete product line and explains why ACD is the best choice for calibrating your gas detectors.