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ACD Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 electrolyte for ClO2 calibration gas generator

Electrolyte, ClO2, 15 Ml Vial

SKU: 193-0101-01

Chlorine Dioxide Electrolyte Powder (Part 1 of 2) 15ml.

Chlorine Dioxide Electrolyte Liquid (Part 2 of 2) 15ml.

To ensure the highest accuracy calibration of your ClO2 gas, ACD recommends changing the electrolyte every other month (if not more frequently.)  Based on our tests, the ClO2 electrolyte tends to decay over time when in a liquid form.  Because of this, we recommend that you mix the electrolyte and add it to the source prior to starting your calibration.  In addition, if a source is to be stored for any extended period of time it is recommended that the electrolyte be emptied out of the source and the source be stored outside of the instrument. When it is time to use the source again, fill it with a freshly made batch of electrolyte.


Powdered chlorine dioxide electrolyte is now available in pre-measured vials containing enough electrolytes to fill one source.  A vial of the correct amount of de-ionized water for one usage will also be provided.  When you are ready to start your calibration, follow the steps below to change out the electrolyte.


1.         Open the vial of powdered electrolyte and the vial of deionized water (P/N 193-0101-01).


2.         Using the plastic transfer pipette provided, add the deionized water to the vial of ClO2 Powder.


3.         Reseal the vial of combined water and powder electrolyte and shake vigorously until all the powder is dissolved.


4.         Carefully remove the source from the instrument.


5.         Remove both filler caps on the top of source.  NOTE: The O-ring in the cap must remain in the cap.


6.         Empty all old electrolyte from the source.


7.         Add the fresh electrolyte with the pipette and replace the caps with the “O” ring.


8.         Gently replace the source in the bottom of the unit.  Align the pins on the source carefully before inserting all the way in.


If you have any questions please contact the factory at (520) 290-2855.


In addition to refilling your ClO2 source, you should read your instrument operator’s manual for more instructions on how to properly maintain your instrument and ClO2 source.

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