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QC-50 Kit (Bump Test)

SKU: 850-1050-00

The QC-50 is a simple yet rugged device allowing quick and easy testing of gas detection systems. The QC-50 uses ACD’s QuickCheck Vial (QCV) technology. These QCV factory sealed vials contain a small amount of the chemical to be tested in an inner glass ampoule. For use, the QCV is firmly squeezed to break the inner ampoule before it is inserted into the QC-50. Then with a few squeezes of the aspirator bulb a reliable bump test gas is produced. The QCV contains such a small amount of chemical it is non-hazardous for shipping, storage and disposal. And since the vials are sealed they have a very long shelf life compared to many other bump test methods.


The QC-50 QuickCheck bump test features include:


Simple to use

No batteries

Durable design

Easy to transport

Non-hazardous shipping and disposal

Expandable as other gases become available


PLEASE NOTE: This instrument requires a Gas Source to operate.Visit Customize Your Calibrator to view and choose all available gas sources for this instrument.

Includes Belt Pack, Manual, 3' Hose And 12 QCV (Specify Gas)