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GENie QC-1 Complete System

The GENie QC-1 is the best calibration gas instrument for ammonia calibration gas. By utilizing a sealed glass ampule that is broken before use, the GENie QC-1 is the perfect tool for anyone that calibrates fixed or portable ammonia sensors. With a user-adjustable outputs, the GENie QC-1 can be set to a wide range of outputs allowing for calibration of nearly any ammonia detector on the market.

Compact, handheld, accurate, economical and rugged, this family of integrated and expandable calibration gas instruments will generate a variety of gases from one modular instrument. As your calibration gas needs grow, so does the GENie, with integrated, expandable modules that provide for a cost-effective solution.

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GENie QC-1 Calibration Gas Kit

This instrument is a complete calibration gas kit. Includes:

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P/N / SKU: 750-0200-03

Calibration Gas Sources for GENie QC-1

Accessories & Replacement Parts for GENie QC-1

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